AIOZ & EncryptClub AMA

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AIOZ & EncryptClub AMA

Judy_Host of EncryptClub: Although blockchain technology is still faced with many practical problems, it gradually changes and integrates into our life with the implementation of DeFi and NFT boom. With the convenience of E-CNY in the following years, people may choose to accept and learn more about blockchain-based cross-industry applications instead of just feeling surprised about it.

Today we will have AMA with AIOZ Network, a project aims to creating a new future of streaming with blockchain technology. Erman Tjiputra, the founder and CEO of AIOZ Network, will tell us more about this revolutionary project.

Welcome to EncryptClub, Erman Tjiputra. Would you please introduce yourself to the audience?

Erman:My name is Erman Tjiputra, Founder & CEO of AIOZ.

AIOZ is a DeepTech company in Artificial intelligence and Blockchain.

AIOZ’S Mission is to invest, nurture and develop great talents

AIOZ’s Vision is to build ,with our talents, cutting edge technology creating value for all stakeholders

We are a team of highly talented Blockchain back end engineers, front end developers and AI scientists with academia collaborations with top universities in the world.

Q1:What is the advantage of the streaming technology today when compared with the past broadcasting technology? Why steaming technology is more suitable to the current network and what progress can we expect when integrate streaming technology with blockchain?

Erman:Traditional CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed platform of servers that helps minimize delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. This helps users around the world view the same high-quality content without slow loading times.

Traditional Content Delivery Networks are architecture servers with centralised Single Point of failures. AIOZ Network is a dCDN- decentralised Content Delivery Network where computational power are distributed across peer-to-peer nodes in transcoding, delivery and storage.

Cost Savings are instant. because of the nature of p2p, costs are distributed. for example BabyShark with 20 billion views on YouTube on Google Cloud ( CDN ) costs $20million. Baby Shark on YouTube on AIOZ Network (dCDN) costs $890K.

Edge to Edge node locations allows reduced latency saves time allowing for greater viewing experience for dApps streaming platforms viewers . Milliseconds matters!

Q2:What is AIOZ project? What can AIOZ do after launch?

Erman:AIOZ Network is a Layer 1 Blockchain Based Content Delivery Network forming a core foundation for the digital content ecosystem using blockchain + p2p + smart contracts. AIOZ Network uses p2p nodes to build a network to store, transcode & delivery digital media content.

We utilize the redundant resource of all computers around the world to build an efficient dCDN in delivery speed, cost & streaming quality to power Media streaming platforms in AIOZ Network dApps Ecosystem.

I believe the second question relates to the utility use cases for $AIOZ. Let’s first understand the ecosystem inside AIOZ Network‘s Stakeholders:

-Nodes who are the very heartbeat of our AIOZ network . Nodes are rewarded with $AIOZ when compute tasks

-dApps like Netflix, Youtube, Spotify , Bigo will have to purchase $AIOZ to reward the Nodes for performing the compute tasks of Storage, transcoding and delivery of dApp’s media content to dApps viewers

-Advertisers like McDonalds, Toyota, Coca Cola will have to purchase $AIOZ to reward the nodes for performing the compute tasks of Storage, transcoding and deliver of Advertiser’s media content to dApps’ viewers

Furthermore, Advertisers will have to purchase $AIOZ to reward the viewers for viewing Advertisements placements on dApps. $AIOZ will be medium of value for all media related content in AIOZ Network ecosystem.

AIOZ Network stakeholders benefits when there is an acceleration of utility use case of $AIOZ which requires easy adoption of nodes and seamless integration of dApps.

As an increase in demand of $AIOZ, naturally the price action reacts and our interests with investors are aligned.

Q3:Your whitepaper states that AIOZ will introduce and adopt multiple consensus mechanisms including PoT、PoS、PoD. Why AIOZ need different consensus mechanisms, what is the advantage of mutli-consensus mechanism?

Erman:POT in AIOZ Network is Proof of Transcoding to prove that the compute tasks of processing media files into different media formats of different resolutions are performed by the nodes

POS in AIOZ Network is Proof of Storage to prove that the compute tasks of storage of digital media contents are performed by the nodes

POD in AIOZ Network is Proof of Delivery to prove that the compute tasks of internet bandwidth delivery of digital media files are performed by the nodes

All the Proofs are to ensure accountability inside AIOZ Network

Q4:What technology challenges and governance difficulties is AIOZ decentralized governance likely to be faced after the launch of its governance token?

Erman:AIOZ Network will need adoption of nodes to power our dApps Ecosystem. Therefore I ask of you, this community, to join us together with your personal computers. Please visit Download, install and run the AIOZ node application. You are now part of our ecosystem.

Currently the $AIOZ rewards are testnet.However when we migrate to MainNet,every node will be rewarded with our native $AIOZ.

Ref: Governance

AIOZ Network uses the consensus algorithm dBFT — delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance with a designated group of 21 validators. AIOZ Network is using Cosmos Tendermint Framework. The governance tokens held by selective parties

I like to share our community of AIOZ Network Edge nodes. 8,912 nodes as of this moment Powering our ( dApp of AIOZ network).

Q5:What is the next development milestone of AIOZ after launch? How to revolutionize the current streaming industry?

Erman: My vision for AIOZ Network is to be powered by you the community of nodes in the millions. creating a truly p2p mesh network of interconnected nodes for you to stream to your neighbor and be rewarded with $AIOZ.

We plan to build a “ For Developer by AIOZ Developers Ecosystem” providing developers access to SDKs, APIs and documentations so that dApps will be able to easily integrate with our AIOZ network nodes as easy as plug and play to increase utility usage of $AIOZ.

- In 2021, we will release important milestones including

Live Streaming


NFT MarketPlace

Livestreaming requires a critical mass adoption of nodes to be powering the Livestream dApps because of the high computational resources livestreaming requires. However once implemented, an ecosystem of live streaming dApps will blossom from there thus increasing utility usage of $AIOZ.

DEX is decentralized exchange platform like Uniswap in Ethereum Network or Pancake Swap in Binance Smart Chain. AIOZ DEX will be a decentralized exchange platform designed to create liquidity for AIOZ RC20 tokens and NFTs AIOZ RC 721 tokens on AIOZ Network.

With AIOZ RC 20 , AIOZ Network will be able to include rules to create tokens on AIOZ Network

NFTs in AIOZ Network is designed to be used for our dApps like Video Platforms like Youtube, or Livestream applications like Bigo, to create their own NFTs for their community and their fans with customized monetisation models using smart contracts and blockchain ledgers. In our technical roadmap, AIOZ Network will also build an NFT marketplace for our community to exchange, create value and monetise.

Last but not least, AIOZ Network upcoming IDO is on April 2nd.

AIOZ Network will be releasing AIOZ ERC20 on Uniswap + AIOZ BEP 20 on PanCakeSwap for Liquidity. AIOZ Network will also be conducting the public sales via Ignition Launchpad and BSCPad.

Here comes free QA session, guest can choose 1–2 lucky questions to give a brief reply.

User1: Whats your advantage against Theta?

Erman: Theta versus AIOZ Network. Theta Architecture is different from AIOZ Network. Theta Architecture focus on powering the livestreaming experience via Caching Browsers.

1) Viewer will fetch content from traditional CDNs like Google Cloud or AWS. Thats why Theta partner with Google Cloud , a centralised solution

2) Viewer will then cache several segments on browser and transfer the segments to nearest viewers who are are also watching same video.This will optimize for cost savings for internet bandwidth

On Theta Node, there is no mention of storage as permanent solution. AIOZ Network’s nodes storing, transcoding and delivery digital content are Permanent. Theta caching tecnhique is temporary. Permanency allows greater $AIOZ rewards for consistently powered nodes thus providing consistently greater viewing experience.

In summary, Theta provides Temporary Jobs.

User2: What is the total supply of $AIOZ?

Erman: AIOZ Network initial market cap — $603,750

Initial Token Circulation — 40,250,000 $AIOZ

Public and Private sales are at $0.015 per $AIOZ

Judy_Host of EncryptClub: Thank Erman for joining our AMA and sharing so much valuable information with us. Thank you all for watching this AMA. EncryptClub will work hard and bring more wonderful content for you in future.




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