Announcement of Tokenlon Chinese Community Establishment

1. Establishment Background

Initially incubated in 2017 by the world’s largest Ethereum wallet imToken, Tokenlon has achieved a historical transaction volume of over 1 billion dollars and more than 76,000 transaction addresses as of now. According to statistics from well-known third-party organizations, the estimated annualized revenue of Tokenlon reaches 13 million dollars, ranking 7th among DeFi projects and 2nd among DEXs with “trading volume based on real trading needs”.

Tokenlon team recently announced the LON token issuing plan with an allocation of 65% total supply to the community. Tokenlon Chinese Community is a Chinese community spontaneously established by users of Imtoke and Tokenlon communities, and is not directly affiliated to the project team.

2. Main Role of the Community (tentative)

2.1. Act as a bridge

Tokenlon Chinese Community acts as a bridge for communications between Chinese community members, project teams, and overseas communities. In future, it will also be the bridge between project teams, institutions, and exchanges.

2.2. Participate in the LON Network incentive plan

To facilitate users’ communication and participation, Tokenlon Chinese Community will follow up and sort out the strategies and data of the LON Network incentive plan at each stage like mining stage, etc.

2.3. Increase Tokenlon’s market influence

Tokenlon Chinese Community will strive to increase the market influence and market share of Tokenlon, and make full use of Imtoken’s advantage as the entrance of the world’s mostly-adopted Ethereum and DeFi wallet.

3. Risk Warning

LON token contract has not been deployed yet, neither LON transfer nor trading is available as of now. Please beware of scams.

LON doesn’t have fundraising nor token sale, everyone can get LON for free by mining without threshold.

LON has no investment value. As the utility token of Tokenlon network, LON enables its holders to get fee discount and give community the right to participate in the governance of Tokenlon.

Tokenlon Chinese Community




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