EncryptClub Observation

1 min readSep 14, 2020

EncryptClub’s observation and referential judgment on recent market are as follows:

We think that the current market is not as strong as before. The prevailing Uniswap and liquidity mining projects in early stage have lost their popularity recently, and there are no significant wealth-gathering points in current market.

Risk Warning: It is advised to prevent risk properly.

Soft Reminder:

1. Pay attention to public sales on primary market because at present, most of new projects offerings start with a small amount of hundreds of thousands of USDT, and only a few of them fall on the debut.

2. Concern for the innovative DeFi. DeFi has gained great attention and a certain extent of development due to its sudden-wealth effect and user base. However, DeFi at current stage may still be an early one, and there will be more innovative and diverse DeFi projects in future. All in all, money never sleeps.

EncryptClub’s opinion on the following market:

There are more changes in crypto world in 2020 such as decentralized and centralized exchanges, landing and close-to landing of DeFi projects, and community-based integrated communication represented by EncryptClub. New changes invite new opportunities, but both of them have not reached the peak as of now. So at present, we temporarily hold the view that the following market will be a bullish one. The existing data also shows that most of users are the former crytpo users instead of an explosive growth of new users.

The aforementioned information are for reference only.


Sept 14 2020




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