Neumékca.City: The First IDO Platform on Huobi ECO Chain

Neumékca.City & EncryptClub AMA

Judy_Host of EncryptClub: Someone said a few days ago that the DeFi heat is about to end, but the outbreak of projects on the public chains like Huobi ECO Chain show the continuous spread of DeFi ecological trend. I think, given the previous experience on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), many community members regard HECO projects as the most profitable ones and it will be as easy as winking to pocket a lot there. Today we are also going to learn about an upcoming project on HECO, Neumekca.City.

We are honored to have Neumékca.City CEO Christian and CMO Anatoly Alen with us, and they will give us a detailed introduction of Neumékca.City.

Christian: Hello Encrypt Community, I am Christian CEO of Neumekca City Project, glad to be here with you. I am in blockchain developing for 3 years ago, and Neumekca is the first project that built by ourselves from the beginning. Neumekca City is a farming project based on Huobi ECO Chain, also the first IDO Platform on this chain. User can made the farming, staking, or simplify buy or sell NFT on p2p NFT Exchange.

Anatoly: Hello everyone,I’m the CMO of Neumekca.

Thanks for your introduction, here comes the first question of our AMA.

Q1: Would you like introduce Neumékca.City to us? What is Neumekca?

Christian:Neumekca City was built from the plot of game Katana Zero which is a 2D action video game developed by Askiisoft and published by Developer Digital for Windows, MacOS and Nintendo in 2019.

Neumékca City Project brings its focus on expanding DeFi ecosystem on Huobi ECO Chain. While DeFi is perceived by many as the utopia of the future of financial markets, the system still operates within an unregulated environment. It’s time to move forward. Neumékca City Project is an AMM protocol but is on Huobi ECO Chain.

Some of characters in game use as imagery of NFT Card, use to increase user staking power in our farm.

Q2: What kind of unique features does Neumékca have over its competitors on the market? How do you plan to increase the demand of $ ZERO tokens in the future?

Christian: A lot of farming project have built in recent times, which is a big challenge for us. But the reality is that our project is unique. We always strive to provide the best user experience and their enjoyment by using our products. A lot of IDO platforms available on Ethereum but our IDO platforms is the first one on Hecochain at the moment.

Huobi ECO Chain is a fork of Ethereum layer 2 network but faster and cheaper. Besides along with Binance Smart Chain, Huobi also one of the current major exchange which brings absolute security to their customers.

About NFT, we are proud that our NFT system is unique and based on Katana Zero characters, if you love this game, you should not ignore owning these cards.

Q3:Could you reveal the further development plan of Neumékca.City? What can users gain from Neumékca.City?

Christian: Currently we are just building a farming based and IDO Platform but in near future will be Cross-chain support Ethereum and BSC, Neumekca Vaults is one of the most important things.

NFT upgradable factory system where user can combine 2 same levels NFT Card to a higher level. All of available features can be found at our website

Q4:I read in your site, according to the tokenomics of Neumékca, the max supply of Zero is 21,000,000. You allocated 64% to mining, why? And what is your farming plan, why this schedule?

Christian: At least 4 pools will be opened for users to get their rewards by multiple assets or single asset. Amount of deposit funds will range user from 3 segment with different staking power. Each range is setup on a separate basis for the fairness of all user.

Burn rate and fee rate are set at 5% per transaction, 2.5% used for buyback ZERO and redistribute for ZERO holder, 2.5% sent to burn address forever, it make reduced supply of ZERO token.

So it will be slower. Tokenomics including both farming and burning. So many use cases of token have a working-in-progress, it help growing our ecosystem.

Q5:Why did you decide to make pre-sale on a third-party platform? Could you share us more details about the Pre-sale,how can I join, what is the minimum and maximum tokens that I can buy and all?

Christian: Few days ago, we didn’t plans for pre-sale on 3rd-party platform but at the moment we can’t find where is the IDO Platform based on Huobi ECO Chain. So we made it by ourselves. It can made a some days to complete.

We are running a whitelist progress where user can submit their details to participate to our pre-sale. All details of presale has been announced by our official channel

Judy: Here comes free QA session, you can choose 1 high-quality question to give a brief reply.

User: Community plays an important role in project success, what’s your community size and status now?

Chrisian: Community and their trust is the most important things that we have to build. There is more than 10 local communities telegram group chat where user from all over the world can discuss about our projects with their local community.

Judy_Host of EncryptClub: Thank Christian and Anatoly for joining our AMA and sharing so much valuable information with us. Thank you all for watching this AMA. EncryptClub will work hard and bring more wonderful content for you in future.

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