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DeFi projects continue to appreciate last night. Though basic DeFi projects like AAVE and WMXN almost show a vertical rise, it also goes with a high risk in the course. The peak indicators of numerous single projects also indicate market correction. However, we can still look for undervalued projects to avoid the market correction risk through the rotate of hotspot sectors. Today, we hold AMA with Passive-Income project who raises the concept of passive income and stable revenue.

We are honored to have CEO & Founder of Passive-Income with us, to introduce Paassive-Income project in details.

Welcome to EncryptClub and thanks for coming, Bjorn. Could you give us a self introduction?

Bjorn Martens: Thank you for having me at EncryptClub. Before introducing myself I would like to thank all investors attending this Passive.Income AMA.

I am Bjorn Mattens, CEO of Passive Income protocol. I come from the Netherlands.

Q1: Could you introduce Passive-income for us? What Passive-income project is?

Bjorn Mattens:Passive.Income is a DeFi ecosystem that generates different value streams for token holders. PSI’s economical paradigm is underlaid by real world use cases, which passively generate more and more revenue as the system grows.

Focused on a new yield generating mechanism, the goal of PSI is to create a healthy, viable, and self-sufficient tokenomic governance.

By passively distributing token to holders with each transaction in the system, Passive.Income lives up to its name.

This week we launched our first application to create more volume and thus token yield: The DPEX (Decentralized Passive Exchange).

In the coming Q1 and Q2, more applications will be developed to support the Passive.Income proposition.

Q2: Built on Ethereum, Passive-Income works like a finance service platform for spare cash, very similar to fixed deposit financial products. What’s the difference between the decentralized Passive-Income and the current fixed deposit financial products?

Bjorn Mattens:At the baseline, fixed deposit financial products require manual actions from investors to participate.

Farming, staking, liquidity pooling, and other forms of these products are non-inclusive. They cause risk for investors by the necessity of smart contract interaction. You basically don’t have your money in your hand anymore with these, and this is systemic risk.

Also, these products are unnecessarily costly, for each contract interaction on Ethereum costs ‘gas money’: To participate in token functionality, with these products, you pay.

Passive.Income has a different approach: It is inclusive.

Just by holding PSI tokens, you earn on network transactions taking place within the ecosystem. You earn passively from all the applications that will be built around it. These different value streams increase with trading volume, generating more and more income for holders over time.

Frictionless Yield makes Passive. Income simple. It is way more accessible for participation in token functionality than traditional ‘fixed deposit’ financial products. Everyone participates, just by holding PSI.

Most importantly, PSI is automatically compounding interest on your whole stack! Products that work via staking, farming, or pooling, don’t do that.

Q3: What is the next development plan of Passive-Income? How can users gain more passive income by using Passive-Income?

Bjorn Mattens: The next step in development is to create our own presale platform for ambitious and audited token projects on Ethereum. After developing the first decentralized passive exchange (DPEX), this was the next logical step for us.

As we all know, scams and rug-piracy has spun out of control on Ethereum in the last year. We want to change that! Our vision is to build a launching platform and safe presale incubator for legitimate startup developers and trusting investors alike.

As more applications and token projects get implemented on our platform, PSI holders earn more passive income.

Take our first product, the DPEX for example.

Via trading on the interface, a fee gets distributed to all PSI holders.

This fee will be distributed in ETH. Our presale platform will do something quite similar.

It issues a fee on a successful presale and distributes that to all Passive.Income holders. Fees can be distributed in the token that is launching on the platform. This way, PSI holders will not only earn passively in PSI, but also in other token.

This automatically dispenses the systemic risk for our investors by diversification of their distributed income streams.

Q4: What do you think of the current small bull run of DeFi? Will the market fever continue? Is Passive-Income the next hot spot?

Bjorn Mattens:I think the current ‘small’ bull run is only foreshadowing of what is yet to come. We might see a market wide temporary retrace sometime soon, but the ‘real’ bull run will be a stampede that happens after that. I believe that in the following half year, we will see extreme price increases in the whole market.

Currently, more and more influencers, crypto-enthusiasts, journalists, and investors are talking about Passive.Income. With a large increase in market capitalization of Ethereum, so will the gas fees on it skyrocket. I am convinced that our unique propositions are able to counterweight that. We are able to make a difference and change DeFi forever.

Q5:You website states that there is a round of airdrop after listing, may i know the reason why you set the airdrop? How will your token economics incentivise the project community?

Bjorn Mattens:The airdrop, as described on the website, is intended to attract liquidity. An airdrop has the benefit of instantly creating a user base from scratch. It increases investor value and token functionality. Those in turn generate more passive revenue. This again is attractive for new investors, and thus attracts more liquidity. A cycle of economic fruition.

We are against diluting investor value and stand for new and creative ways of passive income generation. In this philosophy, we stay true to our investing audience as the next forerunner of yield farming technology.

Here comes free QA session, you can choose 1 question to give a reply.

User: Whats your comparative advantage when compared with other similar projects?

Bjorn Mattens:Our advantage is:
KYC dev + non ANON
A highly skilled development team of 14 people.
Proven to be competitive in this market
One amazing community that has helped us, to become who we are.
And much more

Judy_Host of EncryptClub: Thank Mjorn for joining our AMA and sharing so much valuable information with us. Thank you all for watching this AMA. EncryptClub will work hard and bring more wonderful content for you in future.

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