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10 min readFeb 2, 2021

Judy:The whole financial industry was immersed in the “Short Squeeze” drama this weekend with forums racing to post their judgement and the ending of it. However, I take this drama as a great opportunity to transform from centralization to decentralization, and to bring a huge amount of capital into decentralized market. While the hotspot of decentralization lies in DeFi, DeFi’s hotspot, in my opinion, is NFTs. EncryptClub has kept a watchful eye on NFTs projects recently not only because it is the hotspot, but also because high-qualify NFT projects emerges one after another. Today, we will hold AMA with the Binance invested NFT projects Seascape.

We are honored to have the CEO and Founder of Seascape David Johansson and the COO and Cofounder Nicky Li with us. We are familiar with Seascape, the only recent NFTs project born with a silver spoon like the previous Axie, and fully understand the importance of following it once listed as it probably benchmarks against Steam instead of Axie.

Thanks for coming, David and Nicky. Could you give us a self-introduction?

Nicky: Hello all, I’m Nicky. It’s a great pleasure to be joining this AMA with you all. I have been a game player since I was a student and stepped into the gaming industry passionately after graduation. I have experience at established Chinese game studios such as Yoozoo, Forgame and Moonton, and led the development and release process of many successful games like <League of Angels> and <Liberators>, which won the annual ‘BEST FACEBOOK GAME’.

After meeting CryptoKitties in 2017, David and I began to think about the possibility of a deep integration of blockchain technology and gaming, and we started to develop an innovative blockchain strategy game <BLOCKLORDS> in 2018. We have launch it on many public chains like TRON, NEO, COCOS-BSX, ICON, etc., and won many awards. We also released version 2.0 and officially launched on Ethereum and Matic last year.

After developing on many platforms, we feel the current blockchain technology and development environment still lack lots of necessary support for the game application scenarios, making game development expensive and difficult to attract enough users for game developers. So we establishes the Seascape Network with a hope of building a better decentralized gaming world for both game practitioners and players with our experience and our partner’s effort.

David: Hey everyone, I’m David, founder and creative director of the Seascape Network. I’ve been a game developer for the last decade working in studios such as Paradox Interactive, mainly working on historical strategy games. I started getting involved in blockchain in 2016, first as an investor and later as the creator of BLOCKLORDS, which was the first blockchain strategy game. Since then, we’ve received funding and grants from many major blockchain institutions and protocols, and we are ready to take the next step on our journey by developing the Seascape Network, a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

It’s a great honor and pleasure to be joining you all this evening. And I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Thanks for your introduction. Here comes the first question of our AMA.

Q1: Why Seascape is favored by so many famous blockchain VCs? Given such powerful support, will Seaspace formally become the decentralized Steam?

Nicky: Yes, we listed CWS just now and users now can trade it on Uniswap. Address:

As mentioned above, during the development and release process of BLOCKLORDS, we have cooperated and established strategic partnership with numerous institutions and teams like ChainLink,MakerDAO,Tron,NEO,OpenSea,DappRadar, etc., We all see games’ grand potential to gain users and transfer game players to blockchain users. Moreover, with the collaboration of cooperation partners, we have completed many experimental activities and features, and received good feedback and reputation. BLOCKLORDS also received award grants from many leading blockchain institutions.

When we put forward the concept of Seascape, we quickly won the favor of some venture capitalists who have been tracking our dynamics. Here we need to give our greatest thanks to LD Capital, PAKA fund, Spark Digital Capital, Nabais Capital, TRGC, etc,. They gave us lots of support in our early stage and gave our team many valuable suggestions.

We have also won the favor of Binance recently and got their investment. We will work with Binance team and release our game products on Binance Smart Chain to expand DeFi gamification and more NFT application scenarios.

Our goal is to become a decentralized Steam gradually. We need to make continuous effort to approach this goal. On the one hand, our team will gradually launch and publish some self-developed high quality games; on the other hand, we are also developing the Seascape SDK to facilitate more traditional game developers to join our platform and release their own game products on Seascape. We have reached a cooperative relationship with a number of game studios and will add many games on Seascape this year, so stay tuned and look forward to it.

David: Yeah, as a matter of fact. Our team is well-versed both in how blockchain economies are built, and can make excellent games on top of those economies. We believe this focus on excellent quality and proper incentives to both our users and developers sets us apart from the competition and gain users, both from blockchain and traditional gaming.

The defi mini-games we are about to release are a perfect example of how we plan to combine the best of gaming with core crypto mechanics. I think this inspired a lot of confidence from all over the community because we were not just bringing something unique to the table, but we had the pedigree and past accomplishments to back it. And we couldn’t be more excited to be engaging.

Q2: Can you name a few games tested on Seascape currently? What is Seascape’s plan to build its game ecosystem?

Nicky:We will launch our brand new website platform and several DeFi mini-games shortly after the listing of CWS today.

The first mini game is Profit CIRCUS . You must have participated in many Yield farming projects already, and this little game is actually Seascape’s official Yield farming activity. You can go to Uniswap, make contribution to liquidity pool, and obtain LP tokens to participate in this game and get CWS rewards. At the same time, each player involved can get an opportunity to mint one random Seascape NFT for free, and this NFT can be used in the subsequent mini games.

The second mini game is NFT BRAWL where players can spend CWS in minting random NFT (somewhat like opening a treasure box or a mystery box). There is a chance to mint scarce and legendary Seascape NFTs. Meanwhile, we also have a leaderboard to reward players who has more minting times and spent more CWS.

The third mini-game is STAKING SALOON where players can simultaneously stake 3 Seascape NFTs acquired in previous games to earn CWS. Since APY revenue is subject to the quality and combination of NFT, players need to find the best combo to increase APY. When players choose to claim CWS rewards, NFTs staked will be burned, making Seascape NFT on the market more scarce.

Of course, we will continue to update BLOCKLORDS and make it our flagship war strategy game with more in-depth gameplay. We will launch competition system in the subsequent updated version to allow players to enjoy building and fighting on a medieval map with a higher level of freedom, and offer them time limited competition rewards at the same time.

This year we will successively launch a number of games co-produced with other studios. All games released on the Seascape platform accept payment in CWS and offer CWS rewards in certain ways.


Yeah, not to be redundant, but I’ll add that we will also release a host of other games, both developed by our own studio and other partners we have made partnerships with. All projects associated with Seascape will use Crowns as the core token for value transfer. Our goal is of course to release games ourselves, but we want to power other devs out there to be a part of the action, hence our development of SDK with clear documentation to cast as wide of a net as possible.

Q3: What features will be added to games on Seascape by blockchain’s decentralizing function? What’s the advantage and features of Seascape when compared with centralized platforms?

Nicky:I think the characteristic of decentralized games is that it completely subverts the original relationship between game developers/publishers and players. Now the mainstream of the game industry is Free to play or Pay to win. We all have played a lot of mobile games, no matter you choose Free to play or Pay to win, the final in-game achievements or assets actually don’t really belong to you. Game developers will never encourage in-game asset trading among players. If the game ceases to operate, it means that the player’s data is permanently lost.

And the use of decentralization and NFT and DeFi gamification will change all of this and reconstruct the relationship between game players, developers and publishers. Game assets are no longer just data on centralized server, but NFT assets that truly belong to players. In Seascape, we will also combine NFT and DeFi gamification to introduce the power of DeFi to online games so players can obtain more revenue by having their own NFT participated in the DeFi economy.

For example, in BLOCKLORDS, you get a good sword which you doesn’t need. In future gameplay, you can rent this sword to other players to gain CWS commission through the power of DeFi smart contracts. Or you can collateralize it to borrow out CWS.

Going back to the problem itself, Steam is no longer a one-way buying and selling game service, but combines different parties together. Players, game developers and our platform must work together to build a prosperous community so that each party can obtain digital asset, which is the Play to Earn model. We believe that this will be a new model that will subvert the new cognition of the game industry in the future.

Q4: I believe that Seascape and its decentralized games will create a new era for free-play games. Does Seascape plan to launch its own gaming hardware devices to better match the decentralized games with higher level of freedom? (i.e. hardware devices in Ready Player One developed by Nolan company)

Nicky:In fact, our team follows closely the latest development of game hardware and blockchain technology. Regarding the former, we expect a gradual adoption of VR equipment to more players. The current Oculus Quest 2 is a very good VR helmet hardware which can run independently without connecting to cables. We have conducted demo game development on G1 helmets and got great experience under that running environment. Now G2 offers better experience and inexpensive price, you can search on online shops by yourself.

We will actively explore hardware and develop interesting game products, and of course we will release them as Seascape and make efforts to embed our CWS token economy in games on these new hardware platforms.

David: What I can say here with a level of confidence is that the gaming industry is in the midst of a very big shift, right now there’s a new generation of consoles, including the PS5 and latest Xbox. VR is growing, and even Steam are reaching new frontiers. We want to be just one or two steps ahead of that evolution. Our aim is to grow the Seascape Network, including its developers and fan base, and find a way to grow into consoles as well.

Many consoles, such as Nintendo Switch are more and more open to independent developers, and we would like our products to be there, but we also want developers to be able to earn, so we want to take a dual approach. We want to show gamers who have never stepped away from their PlayStation that earning WHILE they play is possible.

So in the future, don’t be surprised to see Seascape mixing PC with console and the like, especially by the next generation.Because decentralization is a paradigm for gaming, and we feel that we are at the beginning of it. We want to help form its future.

Q5: What kind of support will be given to newly-entered games’ creative inspiration by Seascape platform? Do you consider migrating mainstream games to your platform?

Nicky: We are developing a set of SDK specially prepared for game developers, which enables them to access CWS and mainstream tokens payment services, DeFi gamification module, and Seascape NFT module.

Because we are veterans in the game industry and has established cooperative relationship with some small and large game studios or companies, we will use our own SDK to attract them to access completed or newly established game products so as to improve our game ecology. At present, we have several confirmed partners and will successively launch many games on the Seascape platform this year. Please stay tuned.

Judy:Here comes the Free QA Session, we will choose 1–2 lucky questions raised by group members so guests can give a brief reply.

User1: Has the blockchain game already missed the dividend of the epidemic?

Nicky: I don’t think so because blockchain games are actually different. Blockchain based concepts such as DeFi gamification and NFT are still in the early stages and only known to few players. What is lacking in blockchain games is the truly valuable, high quality and interesting products which can extend beyond its original industry to a certain extent.

This is also what the team is doing. On the one hand, we combine DeFi gameplay with NFT and games. On the other hand, we are lowering user learning costs and entry threshold, creating a 0-barrie login system, and so on. We admit that it will take some time, but we are already on the way.

User2: Any cross-chain cooperation plan? Will you join Polkadot slot audit?

David: Excellent question! We will indeed be joining our friends on Polkadot. Through Polkadot, users can transfer back to ethereum, for instance, to exchange it for its value in ETH. Additionally, we will begin our transition to Substrate in 2021. It will begin with a new random number generator developed on Substrate, which will offer a unique decentralized product for other dapp developers in the polkadot ecosystem. A variety of polkadot para chains will be used to connect to the viaduct, linking Seascape with the outside world. Once the platform launches on polkadot, staked tokens will be used to secure parachain slots.

Judy_host of EncryptClub: Thanks David and Nicky for joining our AMA and sharing so much valuable information with us. Thank you all for watching this AMA. EncryptClub will work hard and bring more wonderful content for you in future




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