Will Yield Surf with the Arrival of Impulse Waves?

6 min readDec 18, 2020

Judy_EncryptClub: We are glad to hold AMA for Yield project again. With the breakthrough of mainstream coins yesterday, we are assured of the bull run in 2021. While mainstream coins is certain to soar given such market trending, altcoins and new DeFi coins are also likely to make a miracle of 100x appreciation if you have selected the right one and held it long enough. Though the current price of Yield is not so good after its listing on Bitmax, but nobody can evaluate a project accurately in its early stage because even BTC and ETH had been undervalued. Making a thorough research before buying in a coin and holding it firmly, that’s the only way to pocket a lot.

We are honored to have Tim Frost,Project Lead & CEO,Justin Wright, COO & CFO,and Jan Strandberg, Marketing Lead with us today, to share Yield’s new development plan and their anticipation of future market.

Time, Justin, and Jan, could you introduce yourselves to the community?

Tim:My name is Tim Frost and I am CEO of YIELD

I have a rich Fintech, marketing, business development, and operations background. YIELD.app is my 3rd digital bank and I have been a key figure with many successful fintech and blockchain companies. Specializing in early-stage growth, operations, and development. I was part of the founding Wirex team and supported operations, business development, and marketing for the first 18 months. I also joined and helped take EQIBank to market a global digital challenger bank with an average client AUM of $250,000. I have helped accelerate early-stage blockchain startups QTUM, NEO, Paxful, Polymath, Selfkey, Everex, and many others.

Jan:Hey everyone, I have been a growth hacker and digital marketing for more than 10+ years and leading the growth at YIELD. I’ve helped successfully scale-up companies in the sphere and I was the head of marketing at Paxful, now the largest P2P marketplace worldwide. I’ve scaled up Paxful from 50 000 users to more than 4.5 million and from revenue perspective from 100k$ USD to 45 million USD weekly.

Justin:Hi, I’m Justin. I have spent most of my career in capital markets and fund management before moving over to Fintech, this is my first venture in the crypto space. I have spent the last 6 years building out Beehive P2P, the largest SME P2P lender in the Middle East and having been introduced to DeFi by Tim and seeing the potential to really take crypto to the mainstream, I jumped at the chance to be part of the founding team @YIELD.app

Thanks for your introduction. Here comes the first question of our AMA.

Q1: We have a general understanding about Yield in last AMA. With Yield’s listing on Bitmax, its price must be the top concern of everyone. As the leader of Yield, would you please tell us what is the biggest influence factor on the price of Yield, and how Yield will stabilize its price ?

Justin: We are looking at this project as a long term project, we do not focus on the price but we are certain once the app comes out and the people start to get the high yields it will reflect on our price. A fun fact is that there can only be 15 000 users with the 20% APY with our tokenomics.

Real utility and a valuable platform. We are now launching Yield.app where anyone can earn up to 20% APY. We know as long as we build a good product,people need to hold YLD to enjoy the rewards. The future is bright, and our community is strong. Join us today at Yield.app.

Q2:Tim, Justin, and Jan, could you share your opinions on how Yield project will present its value? Will it actually make entering crypto market much more easier for individual investors as stated in the whitepaper?

Justin:There are not many companies that can give the same return as us. Once we start to implement FIAT rails and more people understand what kind opportunities we are giving to people compared to traditional institutions people will follow. We are super early on and we hope that the community will help us spread the word.

Tim: We are building a bridge to DeFi from the traditional world. By Fiat rails, card programs, and overall taking all the burden out of crypto, we are making DeFi easy for everyone. Put money on yield.app and earn up to 20% APY safely。

Jan:Defi will kill the middlemen and let companies like us strive. its time for everyone to enjoy high yields no matter where you are located

Q3:Yield is a brilliant DeFi project. What will be the new development trends in DeFi field in 2021 in your opinion?

Tim:More and more infrastructure will be built around curve, YFI, and other top protocols. NFTs will evolve into more practical applications. But overall 2021 will go down in history as the year of DeFi.

Jan:There will be a lot of institutions tapping into the DeFi market and we will see slowly more DAPS coming in. Also old players and CEX will have to adjust. Overall we see a massive interest in companies like ours and we think once more retail people will understand the power of compounding and high interest rates they will start tapping more into the market.

Q4:As the COO of the Yield project, Justin, has you studied new DeFi concepts like Rebase, etc? Is Yeild going to introduce similar mechanism to its ecological development in future?

Justin:Rebase is a very interesting model but we don’t think it would benefit our ecosystem. It works more with currency based tokens and we are a utility token.

Q5:Jan, i think you are extremely busy with the listing of Yield. As Yield adopts DAO community management , what is your expectation for the development of Yield DAO? How will Yield DAO complete and achieve its initial thoughts of decentralization? @Jan

Jan:I think community driven DAO is a great way to get the community really engaget but also get more people that are not only focused on just price but the people that really are believing in the project. We are seeing some of the early adopters already doing this, but we hope in the future once the community grows that we will have dedicated hard core community DAO that is spreading the word to other communities and have their own community counsel.

Judy:Here comes our free QA session, our guest will choose 2 lucky questions to give a brief answer.

User1: What is the real-world use case of Yield token? Can you give me reason why i should invest YLD regardless of its unsatisfying performance after listing?

Jan: we are launching our app during this month and at the moment we have a closed alpha that we are rolling out, our token is used to get maximum apy on our platform. This means the more customers we will have the more buying pressure there will be. we also do treasure balancing and buy coins back from the market

User2: Yield team hols 25% of YLD while public only holds 16.7%, do you think it is too high? why hold sush a high proportion?

Justin: we have a distribution over many years. We also plan on hiring over 50 people in the first year of operations and YLD is distributed amongst stakeholders

Judy_EncryptClub Host: Thank Tim, Justin and Jan for joining our AMA and sharing so much valuable information with us. Thank you all for watching this AMA. EncryptClub will work hard and bring more wonderful content for you in future.




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